Be Brave, Be Bold, and Stand for Something

I was reading the story of Ft. McHenry, circa 1814, with my son during his homeschool writing curriculum. The story prompt was to write in first person as if you were the flag. We chose the battle in which the “Star Spangled Banner” was written. I hadn’t read a story from the beginnings of America in years. I was never the history buff, even with a history major for a dad. I always loved science; but now I’ve found myself enjoying history more than ever before. The story of Ft. McHenry is quite the story of heroism. For 25 hours the Baltimore Harbor was full of canon fire as they relentlessly attacked Ft. McHenry. The men at the Ft. held the Garrison Flag into the air so that the British would know they hadn’t surrendered. As the men died new men took their place to hold the flag. This fact astonished me and has held my thoughts captive. Where has bravery gone?

In the past year our world has changed in ways I never thought possible. Before last year I spoke about socialism taking over America as something that could happen in the very distant future. While I knew it was a possibility, based on the history of other cultures, I never in my wildest imagination thought in a years’ time we would be in the place we are today. A place in which a virus has brought a superpower country, and the world, to its knees. While I believe that the virus is real, I also believe that it wasn’t as deadly as originally thought. I do not wish to talk about the virus directly, but I mention it because I believe it has played an important role in putting us in a very vulnerable position. Our vulnerability means weakness, and allows for us to be easily manipulated and persuaded. We’ve been crippled, and now seems to be the opportune time to come in with sweeping federal laws that will strip us of our religious liberties and freedom of speech. First they changed our voting policy (because of the virus), they then signed into law all sorts of legislation via executive order, and now we are faced with a bill I wanted to address in this post. “The Human Equality Act” is a power grab bill disguised to bring equality to all people, but will inevitably create inequality in the religious community and harm to biological females. It is a “useless bill” as we have already passed the equality act for the LGBTQ community and have laws passed that don’t allow for discrimination based on sex. But it is another power grab as it extends the definitions to include “identity” and for “sex” to include pregnancy discrimination and you can read more about that here: The bill also strikes out the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act. You can read about there here:

The equality act sets into motion another step to the liberal left’s agenda. I have listened to many political pundits on the issue of the equality act, but many of them missed this clip by Nancy Pelosi. I’ll embed the video here:

In the clip she spells out that the liberals had a four pronged plan, since Obama, and this was the last piece of the “puzzle.” She even admitted they were being opportunistic when she said ,”why just the workplace, why not in every aspect of our economy and our society, so we went to the equality act so that it was more comprehensive than just in the work place.” Sure, they said, “why not” because we are WEAK right now and they are stripping away our rights right and left!!!! They are trying to make this FEDERAL LAW! It will affect every aspect of our lives from school, religion, our churches, our sports, bathrooms, prison systems, healthcare, and more.

She then, when asked about the equality act, said that what happened in congress today (referring to Majorie Greene and Marie Newman) was the reason they needed the act. This is HIGHLY disturbing to me. You need the act because someone put up a sign that says there are two genders? SO, due tell, what would the act DO to someone who put up a sign stating that there are two genders after the act is passed? Say I put the sign in my yard? Or at church? Or at a private school, my Facebook wall, or anywhere I chose because it is MY right to do so under freedom of speech? Would it be labeled hate speech? Would I be jailed? Lose my job? The news media already is portraying Greene as a bigot, a hater, and an attacker. Smearing her name as if she literally attacked Newman’s transgender daughter. An attack? For stating ones personal beliefs? For reacting to an action first done TO her? Why wasn’t it an attack that Newman put her flag right outside Greene’s office and clapped her hands as if her work was complete? It is beyond obvious how one sided everything has become. But what will be the future for those who state their personal beliefs in the future? Will they be treated “equally?” I think not. What Nancy Pelosi proved in this simple statement is that they are coming after YOU with this bill. You will NOT be treated fairly under the law and your views as a person of faith will NOT be tolerated.

So I’ll propose my question once again, where has bravery gone? I have been told by well meaning conservatives to stay silent, that it’s already over, that they’ve (the socialists) already won. But these well meaning people are WRONG. They are simply not willing to fight. Our fight may not be to the death as we are bombed for 25 hours holding up a flag. Instead our fight is in standing up for the truth! Not shirking away when they tell us that “some men have vaginas and some women have penises.” By going into our school systems and demanding they take this bull out of our schools and teach math, reading, and writing instead. To simply speak the truth so that our children see that SOMEONE else believes in basic Biology and isn’t willing to say otherwise because it is trendy to do so. The Majority does NOT believe the lies that are being shoved down our throats at this moment by big tech, IN YET they are winning because people are too afraid to speak out for what they believe. What they are not understanding is that if enough people stand up to the minority our voices will be heard! Instead they have learned that they can make examples of some and then the rest of us hide in a corner and quietly comply!

It is NOT over, because our children’s lives and beliefs are at stake. Our lives are at stake! If we continue to allow this madness, and remain silent, then they will have the minds of our children. They may even have you in “re learning camps” as they are also openly talking about! Your children will turn you in to the authorities. Hell, your phone will turn you into the authorities. We live in a system that we can not escape. So we might as well stand up now while we still can, while we still have freedom of speech, and speak the truth! This whole “stay silent and carry a big stick” is no longer an option! If we don’t stand up now we will be arrested and abused. Look at Cuba. Check out this video a friend sent me:

Think it won’t happen here? Think again. It is happening before your eyes!

It’s time to stand up, time to fight back against cancel culture, and time to speak the truth even if they throw words back at us. Time to have each others backs when we are cancelled. They control us because they had a plan they executed over the years. It’s time to have a plan for ourselves. This bill probably won’t pass this time in the Senate, but they will try again, and we need to be prepared each time! Time to speak up even if that means speaking the truth until we die. At least then our kids will know the truth and they’ll see their parents stood for something! At least those who hold the same beliefs as we do will know they are not alone! If brave men in 1814 can die holding a flag to show that they are not surrendering, then so can we! We are Americans and it is about time we take our freedom back!

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