Give Thanks

Psalm 107:1- “Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!”

It is a new year and I am learning to give thanks. This past week has been fairly trying for me because I’m a busy body by nature. I like to go, go, go. I am not accustomed to sitting around the house, but here I sit on day 7 in the house. The day after Christmas my husband got a tonsillectomy and my kids all came down with a horrible cough. Literally snot, throw up, coughing up lungs, crying, miserable messes = my kids. Josh and I have gone to bed late (well…he isn’t really sleeping much because of pain), woken up in the night, and I’ve been cleaning up lots of messes. All of this being said I am thankful for our “normal.” I am thankful that my normal (our normal) isn’t “sick” or in and out of surgery. I feel like I’ve been tested in the past few days, and aggravated that we’ve watched SO many movies on Netflix. I usually only let the kids watch about one hour per day of Netflix (no cable), but because we have to rest up -to get better- we’ve been watching about three to four hours a day! BUT this isn’t our normal, and for that I’m SO thankful. It’s just times like these that I really have to thank God for his mercy, love, and provisions for our family. Instead of saying, “why me?” I am choosing to give thanks. Our bodies are generally healthy and that is more than some people can say. That is reason to be thankful!

We tend to forget, or not think about, our health when everything is going peachy. I believe this is why God had to keep testing the Israelites. They look like such whiney people when we read about them, but in reality we do the same things. When everything is looking up we don’t thank God. It’s only when we are sick that we generally pray for health. So, although this time isn’t the most fun, I’m thankful that in a few days we’ll be back in the swing of things. I’m thankful in the new year for a house, food, luxuries many all over the world can not enjoy like coffee, heat, medicine, and all the blessings God has given our family. We aren’t rich by any means, poor/middle class actually, but I’m happy to be right where we are at. We don’t want for anything, but with my job (wedding photography) we don’t know the bookings from month to month/year to year. This means we have to have faith that God will provide, and he ALWAYS comes through. Sometimes I think He is showing off because the money that comes in is/was exactly what we needed. Yes sometimes I look at my friends houses and I start to get jealous, but then I restart my thoughts. I don’t need a huge house. God has given me exactly what I need  right now. I know that we could be bringing in more money, but to do that I would have to make sacrifices I’m not willing to make, like time with my kids. At this time in my life I’ve learned to be content, not always wanting something more. I have a pretty sweet situation actually. I can work from home, spend time with the kids, and have a little extra spending cash. Plus I have to rely on God to bring us jobs.

I know this all sounds silly because life would be easier if I were rich right?! That’s the worldly thought yes. That’s the thought I had in college when I wanted to be a doctor, not have kids, make lots and lots of money and just spend it on myself traveling, but wow did God change me. Literally, I was the girl who didn’t want kids and was on a one way track to SUCESS. Now I’m incredibly happy with three kids, enough money to buy them nice clothes (I rarely shop for myself), and a coffee out and about. I’m not downing my life here, I’m just saying that there are some people who would look at my situation and think we don’t have much. On the contrary though we are so richly happy! I’m not sure if we were rich, by the worldly standard, if we would rely on God’s provision, be so thankful for what we have, or contribute the blessings we’ve been given to God- and not our own success-. It’s not unheard of, look at King Nebuchadnezzar praising himself for his success,” Is not this great Babylon, which I have built by my mighty power as a royal residence and for the glory of my majesty?” He was then immediately struck down from his position and lived like an animal. At least I don’t have that problem right?! Pride isn’t my thing, don’t make it yours in 2014. Be thankful and give thanks in all things! When you are content you will find happiness, I promise!

One thought on “Give Thanks

  1. We have so much to be thankful for, if we would only stop complaining and take a close look at all that God has blessed us with. I’m glad your family is feeling better. Happy New Year!

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