Abuse on Women

Last night I saw a photo that set me off. It was an attack on a woman, and I’m sick of the abuse on women! It’s not the wages, and it’s not about equality, it’s about the war on our very person. We are told that we have a disease, and a problem that we have to deal with. A parasite that sucks the life out of us and robs us of our joys, our desires, and our aspirations. A weight that we will drag around that will weigh us down instead of build us up. You may have guessed already what I’m writing about. A gift given to a woman that the world treats as a disease. A gift called pregnancy. The gift of a baby, a child, and someday a companion, friend, and helper.

So about this disease. Abuse number one is treating pregnancy like a disease. The world, and even well meaning Christians, treat pregnancy like a problem to get rid of, not a consequence. We raise our daughters up telling them if they get pregnant their lives are over, so they need to accomplish life before having kids. Instead of treating pregnancy as something natural that comes from a natural act between a man and a woman, we treat it like a disease that we “catch.” Instead of something we know is coming because of OUR actions! Here is a quick biology lesson; If you have sex, you might get pregnant. If we expected this phenomenon MAYBE we would be more ready for it. So if you aren’t ready for it (i.e. you can’t responsibly take care of a baby), then you shouldn’t be doing it! If you want to be doing it, but don’t want to get pregnant because you can’t responsibly take care of a baby, MAYBE you should use a contraceptive.  At almost every gas station, Dollar Store, pharmacy, and grocery store there are these little things called condoms that cost as much as a beer. Pick them up and make a decision for your body. It’s your choice! If you respect yourself ladies and gents, don’t have sex with just anyone, have sex with your husband or wife, but if you lose a little respect for yourself and want to risk your body, then at least make sure he wears a condom. It truly is abusive if your partner chooses to risk getting you pregnant in the name of pleasure. Let’s not be stupid to the fact that it IS natural. So therefor, it isn’t a disease but a consequence. When you get pregnant don’t FREAK OUT, take responsibility! The consequence of your action was well known, but your life isn’t over, in fact it’s just begun! I’ve truly never met a mom who has said they regretted having her baby. Even if she gave that baby up for adoption, at least she feels like she gave the child a better life!

Having sex outside of marriage is abuse number two. The world says you can have sex outside of marriage, but this is a form of abuse for those who get pregnant – the woman-. Outside of marriage the man walks away free and clear from obligation, while the woman deals with the physical, financial, and emotional toll of the consequence. So the lie is “live it up,” party, have sex with whoever, and finish college before you even THINK about getting married (then consequently have kids). If you happen to get married at say 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and heck even 25, 26 now days your TOO YOUNG, and by golly you may not even know what you want out of life yet.  It is no wonder people wait until their 30’s and 40’s to begin trying to have a baby these days. They are told that friends, traveling, college, and a career will make them happier than “settling down.” If this is happiness I would like to know why working women quit their jobs to stay at home when kids are born? This doesn’t make any sense financially or career wise. Upwards of $60,000.00 in college debt (http://cgi.money.cnn.com/tools/collegecost/collegecost.html ) and they aren’t happy enough in their career to keep at it? The thing that will supposedly make them most happy is THAT easy to walk away from, while the burden is worth staying home for? Huh?! I actually just had someone tell me she has,”plenty of time to get married” and she’s in her later 20’s. She’s brainwashed and her fiancé who keeps putting off the wedding date is LYING to her. I can guarantee they are having sex or they would be way more excited about setting that date.  I’m sure she’s having SO much fun dating with no commitment. Maybe he’ll even dump her close to 30 (over 30) when it’s time to “settle down” because he isn’t ready STILL. Then she’s left with no potential partner, aging eggs, and is less likely to find a partner without 15 previous sex partners (i.e. emotional baggage and potentially STD baggage too). Again, abuse falls on the woman because SHE has a biological time clock! Not to mention IF she happens to get pregnant it’s HER disease to deal with alone.

Abuse three, suppressing a woman’s sexuality. Both sexes enjoy sex. I hate the argument that the man is the only one who enjoys sex and the woman does it FOR the man. In other words she has to “give it up” to keep him around, or make him love her. HELLO, is someone getting this yet?! God gave us pleasure parts too incase you missed that in anatomy class, so to suppress a woman’s sexuality and act like we have to “give it up” to keep a man is also a form suppression. Why can’t we teach women to enjoy their sexuality, but in the right context which would be marriage? Let’s just be honest and say that the more men a woman has sex with the chances decrease that she’ll be satisfied with “the one” she marries. I can’t be 100% certain (because I’ve not been a male), but I feel like there is more to a woman’s pleasure “in bed.” So, it makes more sense that one man is with one woman for a lifetime of figuring each other out. Instead of jumping from partner to partner hoping for “a good lay” as I’ve heard it said. Plus it hurts worse when a man dumps you after you’ve had sex. Women take it more personal. Is there something wrong with ME? Did I do something? Am I not good enough? Parents who aren’t Christian, and don’t subscribe to Biblical teaching of one woman/one man for religious reasons, SHOULD still consider the emotional abuse aspect of sex with multiple people. Trust is shaken, women feel broken, and for simple physical only reasons (emotions aside) you may not be AS satisfied with “the one” as you were with another. Honestly thats a sucky way to spend a lifetime, because sex is awesome, God given, and gratifying for women too! So lets teach our girls that sex is gratifying for her as well, not simply a tool she uses to “keep a man.” She should wait until marriage to be sure of emotional stability and a increased chance of gratification.

SO, ladies and gents, what IS the solution to the disease we have prescribed to ourselves? A “cure all” if you will to all the emotional and physical abuse? Well, according to the worldly standard its……drum roll please……. abortion. You have a disease so you take a pill to get rid of it, you get an injection to kill it/burn it out, or you get it sucked out piece by piece. It’s THAT easy! Or is it? The government, the health care professionals, and the doctors will tell you it is. But they lie to you about the procedure, glossing over the facts, hide the “baby” with a head, heart, tummy, buttocks, toes, and fingers from your view, and call the baby a fetus to make you think you aren’t actually killing something. I know, you don’t want to think about all that icky stuff right? You would prefer to believe it is nothing and dissolves into nothing right? As we’ve seen in UK this just isn’t the case. There is a physical body and something has to be done with that body. It doesn’t get a proper burial, so it gets thrown into a trash bag or, as seen in the UK, it gets burned to create a source of heat. Maybe it’s just me, and my line of thinking, but if “it” has a physical body of its own then it’s not a part of your body, but its own, right? I don’t know, maybe I’m just crazy but I don’t see why you would willingly have a piece of your own body cut or sucked out, put in a trash bag, or be burned, for no good reason?

Moving on I would like to talk about the abuse to the woman’s body. Most focus on the baby, but what about the woman? Pro Abortion advocates also lie to the woman about the risk to HER body. During this procedure the woman takes a physical risk.  According to some studies they also make you increase your chance of breast cancer (http://cnsnews.com/news/article/patrick-goodenough/new-study-puts-abortion-breast-cancer-link-back-spotlight). China is noticing an uptick in breast cancer due to the “one child only” law and increased mandatory abortion. Aside from this physical risk you could have nightmares, you could look at children in a mall and wonder what yours would have looked like, and you could regret your decision daily. Your hormones will go bonkers after the procedure and your body may never be the same. Your mind might never be the same. You may hate your partner who forced you or coerced you into the procedure (more abuse). You may hate yourself for squelching the heart beat that beat inside you.  I watched this video and was amazed that ALL THESE YEARS LATER she still thinks of that baby. It seems as if this procedure isn’t easily forgotten. Here is that video:

To me that emotional baggage, and physical baggage, is WAY more damaging, and downright abusive than delivering a baby and either falling in love with him/her, or offering him/her up for adoption.

The photo I spoke of I don’t want to post because of the fair use laws on photos. I don’t want to get in trouble for posting it. It is a Nick Anderson cartoon and you can find it here: http://www.truthdig.com/cartoon/item/protecting_life_20131030 . There are a few truths to both sides of the photo. On the left side you see a baby in the womb. It’s clearly a human life, so I assume the artist is admitting that it is a life here. So you have these people saying they want to protect that life. Well what is the alternative? Abortion, clearly. But the people in this photo don’t want to watch a murder happen, AND pay for it with tax dollars. Can you blame them? Honestly? If a kid were lying in a gutter, water swirling around, and couldn’t fend for himself would your first thought be, “murder the kid, he’ll be better off?” Probably not. Even if you didn’t want to take care of the kid personally, you would seek help for him/her. If you are a decent person that is. The right side of the photo shows the same people now yelling at the mother for having a baby presumably out of wed lock. They call her a tramp and exclaim they hope she doesn’t need medical insurance or food. Well OF COURSE the mom/baby will need food. They will probably also need medical at some point in time. While I see some truth to the right side of the photo it also upset me because it is an abusive lie (I feel like I’m using that word a lot, sorry just trying to get a point across). Here is why… The woman is pregnant, there is a physical being in her womb, and she now has two choices. She can A.) get rid of this physical being by killing it (yes, I said kill it. It sure is funny how a non living thing has to be killed with poison), and throw it away in a trash can to decompose, OR B.) she can deliver it, take care of it herself, let the state take care of it, or let another family care for it. So where does the lie come in?

The lie is that the pregnant woman on the left has no choice but to abort the baby because IF she doesn’t she must endure the screaming hyenas, possible poverty, no medical insurance, and no help while being called a tramp. So she has to “get rid” of the disease before it manifests itself into the photo on the right. Here is the truth of the matter. Your pregnant, pregnancy is a beautiful time in life in which you get to feel a baby grow, kick, and hiccup! You give birth and you finally realize what love at first site means! You want to take care of this little being with every fiber of your being. You become momma bear! You have a reason to live for someone other than yourself. Life isn’t over. Like I said above, it has just begun. So you are in love but that won’t pay for the babies food and healthcare right? Ask for help! From your community, from religious groups, from family. The lie in this photo is that the religious organizations won’t help. Just a simple look at giving in the USA and you’ll see religious organizations give MORE to secular organizations than even the secular organizations themselves!!!! “Finer-grain numbers from the PSID show that the faithful don’t just give to religious causes; they are also much more likely to give to secular causes than the non-religious. Among Americans who report that they “never” attend religious services, less than half give any money at all to secular causes. People who attend services 27-52 times per year, though, give money to secular charities in two-thirds of all cases.” http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/topic/donor_intent/donation So I’m sorry, but the facts just don’t add up that people who want to protect life then leave you high and dry once the life is breathing Oxygen. It seems like the liberals want the government to give $, but they want it to come out of thin air because they aren’t very charitable to their own causes. Their solution in actuality is the one that leaves you emotionally drained, barren, and without a baby blessing that would change your life forever. A baby who would motivate you to live not only for yourself but for someone else! Looking up abortion statistics (http://www.abort73.com/abortion_facts/us_abortion_statistics/) most women having abortions are in their 20’s. It’s time to grow up ladies, stop telling yourself you are “too young,” because your not. The problem isn’t that you’re too young, the problem is you’re being fed a lie that your life will be over. I can promise you it won’t! It may not be as easy, but it won’t be over. We live in a land of opportunity. In other countries having a baby may mean watching that baby starve to death right in front of your very eyes, but that doesn’t happen often here. You may have to give up your $30 a month I Phone plan, your Dish Network T.V., and maybe even your Internet, but you’ll be O.K!

You may ask what IS the answer then if I’m against abortion? As a society I believe if we were to treat pregnancy as a consequence and not a disease we would 1. Have safer sex 2. Get married to provide a stable environment for our babies when they come 3. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your actions 4. Step up as a society and take care of children 5. Step up as a society and help moms who made unwise decisions and get pregnant out of wed lock. Children are our future, so we need to take care of them! We are so backwards in our thinking that children are a burden and ruin our lives, that we miss the fact that children are the framework of a functional society. Without them we will have no workers, no one to keep our economy going, and honestly we Americans will get taken over by a greater force of people. We need to quit murdering children, start seeing them as blessings, and love them! We also need to help the single mothers to have more options. I don’t believe this is the governments role. I don’t believe the government should be helping these women. I believe communities should help these women, churches should help these women, and when the time comes their OWN CHILDREN should help them! We’ve become so reliant on government that we took personal responsibility out of everything. The true disease isn’t pregnancy, and it isn’t children, it’s lack of personal responsibility. We have unprotected sex unless the government pays for our birth control because after all that IS their job right? We raise children to spoil them rotten and “live life to the fullest,” so they have no idea what it’s like to actually work, much less help out with the family chores, expenses, and survival. Kids are rotten, parents aren’t being taken care of because the social security is running out, and our rotten kids are growing up to be self centered adults. Or the “kids” got so old because they were too busy “living the life” that they can’t have babes of their own! Whoops. Did nobody explain the whole biological clock thing? Being a “kid” ends at 13. You become a teen at 13 and an adult at 20. Get over it, that’s life folks!

Our society, the abuse that is taking its toll on women, and the murder of children makes me sick. The answer is raising children to become responsible adults. To get married, have children, and find a trade that makes them happy/content. College should be a place for people who NEED college for their career field. It shouldn’t be a place for everybody to go and “live it up” before they grow up. It’s abusive for both genders, but honestly more so for women because of the situations stated above. The woman has to “give it up” to keep a man, she’s got to pay for birth control if she wants to be responsible, she’s got to prove herself and be a career woman before being a mother, and she’s got to take care of her disease of a child via abortion if she hasn’t gotten the first couple things right. I’m sorry feminist movement but in some ways you really really suck! Women are being abused and we need to wake up and realize it! We also need to realize government isn’t daddy. So MEN need to STEP IT UP. Parents, don’t drill it into your sons head that he’s too young at 20 to get married. Let the boy get a job, let him get married and pay for his own contraceptives, and let him be a man instead of an oversexed boy child. You make fun of them when they hit this magical number and are still living at home, but you haven’t raised them properly to ever be self reliant. Think about what you are telling your sons and daughters, it matters!


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