The Diminished Woman of an Enlightened Society

I may be a little more vulgar than normal in this piece today, and I apologize if this is TMI about my own sex life, but I feel like it needs to be said. I’ve dwelled on it for weeks and watched as men devalue women. Even women diminishing their own worth.

My frustration with society had been at a level of “well I just don’t really care enough to say anything,” until an ESPN “body edition” showed up in my mailbox. My  kids got it and came running up to me, “mom, mom, these people are naked!” My oldest snickered and then asked me a series of questions along the lines of, “who sent these naked photos?” and “why would someone just take photos naked.” The other two echoed his sentiments. We often talk about the “innocence” of kids as if it is something to be cherished, in yet we soak in nudity, sexuality, and the like, on a daily basis. So much so that it doesn’t phase us when a magazine of nude people shows up at the house, or Game of Thrones comes on and we brag about watching it.

I haven’t watched Game of Thrones, but I’ve been hearing a bit about it lately. Amazingly from my Christian friends as well. Even Wikipedia chronicles the sex, female nudity, and news surrounding these explicit scenes. Some liberal blogs have even announced they would no longer cover the show (how prudish of them when even Christians watch unashamed).  I also read a blog about the sexual nature of the show, and upon reading the comments section I discovered just HOW desensitized society actually is! Wow, people are willing to eat your head off to defend the watching of soft porn and boobs. Actually the “enlightened” folks use the term, “tits” from what I discovered. I guess since they pay for it to come straight to their house it isn’t as taboo as having “Playboys” under the bed. People don’t feel as dirty since they didn’t have to go to a “XXX” store to get their “goodies.” It comes right into their homes, so it must be “ok.” The true issue here isn’t purely the “sex.” I made the mistake of commenting about the naked people on the ESPN magazine and people act like a lynch mob. Kill the prude! Look, I like sex a lot more than lots of women that I talk to. I have sex a lot more than many women I talk to (single and married). I enjoy being nude in the confines of my home. Things have changed a little since having children as to where I can go naked, but my point here is I’m FAR from a prude, but I STILL don’t feel entitled to see the naked bodies of others. Nor do I “need” to see sex between strangers, and that is for my own mental health. You see, I create boundaries to protect my own innocence. Also, it is apparent that some of you watch it on T.V. while others actually do it. (boom).

“Innocence is indeed something to be cherished because we remember the joys, giggles, and sheer pleasure of our first experiences. The same ones we apparently don’t mind ruining for our own children.”

The true issue here is the sexual agenda being pushed into the hearts and minds of people. The desensitizing that happens to the point that we need more and more to be aroused, or even entertained. Look how far we’ve come from the original pin ups. Now we get “HD” up close and personal! What will arouse you next? And wow, how sad. You are ruining it for yourself and only have yourself to blame when you become a slave to your own lusts. Innocence is indeed something to be cherished because we remember the joys, giggles, and sheer pleasure of our first experiences. The same ones we apparently don’t mind ruining for our own children. Spoiler alert kids here is everything you need to know about sex, and here watch Game of Thrones as an intro then I’ll get you a porn subscription. Wow, how depressing when they actually have sex and it isn’t as scripted (hello those actors aren’t actually HAVING sex on GOT)…. sigh… PART OF THE FUN IS FIGURING IT OUT YOURSELF AND FINDING YOUR OWN NORMAL! NOT BEING TOLD HOW TO DO IT!

Our “enlightened” society pushes a warped view of sex because we’ve been desensitized to the “normal.” Just like the article in “Teen Vogue” trying to normalize anal sex: . It goes into detail about how it will probably hurt at first, but then describes the joys, and fails to truly detail the risks involved. The CDC describes it as, “the riskiest sexual behavior for getting and transmitting HIV for men and women.” .

So why would a TEEN magazine run this article without also thoroughly explaining the risks to young people who will most likely have many sexual partners? I will give the article credit. It does say “wear a condom every time,” but most teens don’t know “natural” condoms DON’T protect against STD’s unless you inform them. Also, some STD’s can still be transmitted! HPV (hello cancer risk),genital herpes, Syphilis, and crabs (  So the casual “disclaimer” really doesn’t do much after the author has chronicled all of the JOYS of anal sex to teenagers who will most likely have many sexual partners (point being more risk due to exposure). Well now that you’ve told me how fun it is, how great it’ll feel, how I can orgasm, etc. I might not have even made it down to the end of your article.

So how does this diminish women?  Well, for one the audience demographic for this magazine is mostly female, and is marketed to females, so it’s normalizing it for when their boyfriend asks. Secondly when boys/men see it (male/female anal sex) on porn and magazines normalize it,and actually glorify it, they’re going to ask their partners for it. It looks like everyone is doing it. It looks like it is normal. So girls get the pressure from the boys at the extreme risk to themselves.  

“For this reason I find it so difficult to believe so many feminists are on the “casual sex” bandwagon. “

In truth the only thing this agenda proves to do is diminish the value of women. It pushes the male agenda and deduces women down to sex objects putting themselves at risk for the pleasure of men. For this reason I find it so difficult to believe so many feminists are on the “casual sex” bandwagon. The definition of empowerment according to is,” power given to someone to do something.” It is the “process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.”

The modern times call sexual promiscuity “empowerment,” and that couldn’t be further from the truth. The lie is that women can be “free” sexually by having casual hook ups. Anal sex is normal. Nudity is natural and normal. To me the lie sounds like a lot of grooming for the pleasure of men– for the benefit of men! What male isn’t on board with totally casual sex (whatever that means), females walking around without shirts, and anal sex? While women deal with emotional abuse, males calling their breasts “tits” in a degrading fashion, sexual partners that only care about their own orgasm, contracting an STD or cervical cancer, and possible pregnancy. This all sounds so anti woman to me! Sure, women have Planned Parenthood clinics and can “take charge” of their own health by getting tested for STD after a hook up. They can get hormone birth control that puts them at risk for cancer, strokes, lower libido, headaches, nausea, mood changes, weight gain, and MORE fun than I care to list here.

Other fun ways women can “take charge,” and be empowered (according to the feminists), is to have an abortion all alone. They can bleed for a few weeks, deal with the hormone changes of suddenly being not pregnant, and heal all alone because their casual sex partner could give a rats @ss about what happened to you after sex. Honestly it’s no wonder feminists hate men so much. They’ve bought into the lie and have to deal with the consequences of casual sex alone. Not to mention according to the Internet up to 70% of women can’t even orgasm on intercourse alone ( Amazing how most of the “punishment” falls on the woman and most DON’T EVEN ORGASM! But they’ll tell you, woman, that you are empowered because you have the opportunity to deal with your STD or pregnancy. What a crock of bull.


THE BOTTOM LINE FOR THOSE WHO DON’T WANT TO READ THIS ENTIRE PIECE!WE SHOULD TEACH OUR GIRLS BETTER! Actual empowerment means a safe partner who respects you.  Get married and make him work to please you. Let’s do better for ourselves and demand more! BE more! Leave some things up to the imagination. Thank you to the movie Wonder Woman who alluded to sex but didn’t have to delve into every detail for the audience to “get it.” Value yourself and don’t go “hook up” with some random stranger. I get it, you want sex too. The lie in the religious community is that women don’t care for sex. Men are always the pursuers. But some of us do actually want sex, and some of us also pursue it.  So casual sex sounds appealing to those some, but they instead are left unsatisfied and hurt. It is more empowering to have the best sex of your life with someone who also loves and respects you! I’m not saying this happens overnight, but keep practicing, giving instruction, and taking control of your sex life, and it can be possible! You can’t exactly get better each time when you are having sex with a new person each hook up now can you? And even if you did have the best sex of your life during casual sex…… it’s casual so what are the chances it’s happening again and he hasn’t moved on to the next girl?

Maybe I am a prude because I don’t actually “know” these things from experience (shame, lack of orgasm, STD risk, etc). I learned these things from listening to other women complain about casual sex, desire a long-term partner to marry/settle down with, and researching it online. But this prude has been married 13 years, has a partner that respects and cherishes her, doesn’t have to worry about “the walk of shame” or guilt, doesn’t have to get tested for STD’s on a regular basis, has multiple orgasms because practice has made perfect, and when I get “knocked up” I have someone who supports me emotionally and financially. That makes for one very happy, empowered, and satisfied prude!

The “Cliff Notes”:

  • You don’t have to teach kids how to have sex. Even dogs can figure it out.
  • You don’t have to teach kids how to masturbate. Monkeys even have figured this out. Believe me, your kids will learn how to do this themselves.
  • Naked bodies are indeed beautiful, but they should also be respected, and it is straight up abusive when you body shame or even deduce a person down to their sexual organs.
  • Strangers naked bodies in your homes via TV and Internet isn’t exactly “normal.”
  • Watching strangers have sex in your home is sort of weird if you think about it. I’m not saying porn isn’t arousing. I’m simply saying we shouldn’t let ourselves become slaves to sexual lusts and desires.
  • You aren’t evolved because you believe the naked body is beautiful. God created people naked and that was how long ago? Thousands of years! It’s sin that changes the dynamics. Since people are deviant, perverted, abusive, and disgusting we have to wear clothes, and we get arrested if we don’t, so shut up with your BS about it being beautiful and normal in public–because it’s not.
  • Porn, Tv sex, and normalizing nudity is indoctrination. It teaches us, and our kids, what is “normal,” and indulges in the fantasies of everything imaginable. This makes reality less appealing, less satisfying, and less perfect.
  • Porn, and a sexualized society, often empowers men and diminishes women. It is the women who generally have to bow to the industry. Body image shaming, cosmetic surgery, waxing, and the list goes on and on.

The bottom line is most women enjoy sex too, but true empowerment comes with demanding more respect. The power of sex on men is actually quite powerful if ladies would only learn how to use it!

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