I wanted to take a small break from my regularly scheduled programming (i.e. the next blog I'm supposed to write on Family Planning) and write a quick note about a few verses I read today. The thoughts come from chapters in Luke as Jesus is teaching about a wedding feast and a great banquet. These [...]

What Do You Do?

My heart has been so heavy lately. I've been wanting to write and until now didn't know what to write about. I knew I wanted to write, but I was tired. Emotionally tired. I had been debating an issue on Facebook that I should have never gotten into AGAIN. I generally will lend my time [...]


I want to talk about passion. Passion: "a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something"-Webster dictionary. It seems as though our society frowns upon passion for things. The general lack of emotion and enthusiasm from our lobotomized society drives me insane. There are times in life where my heart leaps [...]

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden

As I walked around my house this past week, you know during the "polar vortex" everyone can't shut up about -seriously, we can't actually have "cold" in the winter without them calling it something that sounds scary- ,I had a simple thought that it must have been super warm in the Garden of Eden. Why? [...]