I fully realize the recent Starbucks "Christmas" controversy is Internet contrived (and Christians aren't really up in arms about it), BUT I had to put my two cents in anyway--just in case anyone thought there was a war on Christmas going on at Starbucks.

Virgin Birth?

'Tis the season when self professed Christians all over America fight about "Keeping Christ in Christmas" while setting up their Christmas trees, stringing up their lights, setting out the elf, and telling their kids fantasy stories about Santa Claus. I'm in love with Christmas just like anyone else, but possibly simply because of the trees, [...]

Go Unplugged!

"I'm so thankful for my family!" It's the number one most thankful Facebook post I've seen this month in the "Days of Thankfulness"  November. So, I want to submit to you "Unplugged Holidays!" I've seen it done at weddings lately. They call it "Unplugged Weddings," in which the bride and groom ask the guests to [...]