Go Unplugged!


“I’m so thankful for my family!” It’s the number one most thankful Facebook post I’ve seen this month in the “Days of Thankfulness”  November. So, I want to submit to you “Unplugged Holidays!” I’ve seen it done at weddings lately. They call it “Unplugged Weddings,” in which the bride and groom ask the guests to sit back and enjoy the ceremony. Without this special tag line added to the wedding day  program EVERYBODY has a cell phone, i pad, etc. to take photos, update Facebook and Twitter, and text friends. The bride and groom, however, want their guests to not only be physically present but emotionally. I think this makes sense for family reunions and holidays as well. Someone, or several someones, have worked really hard to prepare a meal, set the table, and clean the house with the hopes that family and friends will gather for fellowship. 

There is a certain detachment that happens when a moment is interrupted by a Facebook notification. The mind goes immediately to, “oh! I wonder whose messaging me?!” As a photographer I can also attest to the fact that while taking photos you can detach yourself from the situation emotionally. It is as if you aren’t fully there in the room. I have taken thousands of dancing shots but I wouldn’t know the first step to a line dance! So, as I get ready to go enjoy Thanksgiving dinner prepared by hands I hold so dear to my heart, I wanted to take a moment and ask that this holiday we go “unplugged!” We are MOST thankful for our families, so be in their presence. Talk, laugh, eat, drink, and enjoy because at these times we shouldn’t need to look on Facebook to learn more about how your day is going. Just look your family in the eyes and tell them! Go unplugged, it’ll be fun 😉  


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