The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

"Where is your good God now?" "I'm not religious, but will you pray for me?" "This is mother nature's wrath on climate deniers." There are so many misconceptions when "bad" things happen. Everyone wants to explain why, place blame, and throw off any responsibility for it. They also suddenly want prayer without the acknowledgement that [...]


Turn on the news and it will be undeniable that evil exists. Talk to people and hear their stories. We've mostly all been touched by some form of evil; at least have seen evil in the lives of those close to us. Some evil is unspeakable. We don't know exactly how to cope with some [...]

Virgin Birth?

'Tis the season when self professed Christians all over America fight about "Keeping Christ in Christmas" while setting up their Christmas trees, stringing up their lights, setting out the elf, and telling their kids fantasy stories about Santa Claus. I'm in love with Christmas just like anyone else, but possibly simply because of the trees, [...]

“I Am”

As I perused the Internet I found an interesting comment made by a man who said, "Jesus never claimed to be God." I realized then that I have heard this argument before. Several times actually. You see not all people accept the fact that Jesus was not only the Son of God and Son of [...]