Black Thursday?

Search for a Black Friday Deal.
Search for a Black Friday Deal.

As a former retail employee of one of the chains opening this Thanksgiving 2013 I remember hanging new signage, shoving the racks full of clothes, and making everything “pretty” for BLACK FRIDAY. It was talked about for months prior to the actual day. All employees were on standby, the store was clean, and we were all ready -maybe even slightly excited- for the rush of people on Friday morning. My question then is what will we do without the rush?! Isn’t that where all of the fun is? I know we talk about not wanting to shop with a multitude of people, but that is really what we crave. We women -and some men too I’m sure- love the idea of rushing into a store and getting the best deal before someone else does. This is part of the fun. The hunt! After stuffing our bellies on Thursday we start to hunt through the papers for the best deals. We set out a game plan, circle the items we want, and map out the stores to visit first. Then we go to bed, set our clocks for an ungodly hour, and we are off. It’s a rush. It’s exhilarating! The stores have been closed for an ENTIRE DAY and we are ITCHING to go spend money. So why do retailers think it is a good idea to open on Thursday? It’s like deflating the excitement and anticipation. It takes the thrill out of the hunt! So instead of Thanksgiving being an ENTIRE DAY without stores, it is really just a few hours. Not to mention, who wants to go shopping full of turkey and drink? I just want to sleep! I’m sorry big chains but I think you are making a bad call here. Not just because your killing family time -which you obviously don’t care about-, but you are also neglecting the ideas that make “Black Friday” one of the most profitable days of the retail year! Making Thanksgiving just like any other shopping day is a stupid idea. Nobody wants just another deal, they want the thrill. They want to sleep Thursday after dinner and gear up for a day of shopping Friday.Take away the thrill and I’m out. I can get 50% off any other day of the year. I get e mails every day with sales and I -for one- am not willing to give up a day with my family to shop just like any other day. Sorry.

Note to consumers: STAY HOME. You’ll probably get better deals on Black Friday anyway and you’ll enjoy the rush =)!

2 thoughts on “Black Thursday?

  1. I think some of the rush is due to the addiction of consumerism. I agree it can be exciting, but some of that madness is surely unhealthy – a gratification caused by buying stuff. I hate that Black Friday is cutting into Thanksgiving and undermining time spent together with family and resting.

    1. I do too (hate that Black Friday is cutting into Thanksgiving). With this blog I was trying to provide a reason for a store to stay closed on Thursday and open up on Friday. Just making a point that people go shopping on Friday because of the adrenaline, to get “the best deal,” and because the store was closed for the entire day Thursday. It’s like a competition and it gets people out to shop! Take that away and I’m not sure the retailers will get the same responses? I have yet to check the numbers on Thanksgiving Day Shopping. I’ll have to do that ;). Thanks for the comment!

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