Abortion Fraud

The first statement I’m going to make is purely speculation, and the second is truth as I see it. You’ve probably seen the abortion video that has gone viral of the girl videoing her own abortion: http://vimeo.com/84797427 and the Cosmopolitan Article here: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/advice/health/why-i-filmed-my-abortion. So, as I said, my first point is speculation. Yes, it is based purely on only two things 1. The video and 2. The article which is more telling. I am just not seeing things add up to a true story here, and I feel like the whole video was planned and acted out. My second point is that even if the girl WAS truthful, and the video is a true abortion, she is still a fraud. She sells herself, and abortion, as something that it is not, simply to feel better about herself. I’ll get more into these points in the following paragraphs.

First, that this whole thing may be entirely made up. Option A is that she didn’t just “oops find out she was pregnant,” but planned the whole thing, or Option B was never pregnant. If this video is a lie it will come out fairly shortly because most people can’t keep secrets for long, and there were a couple people in that video who would be “in” on it. Why did I get the feeling they were lying? Well, she covered all her angles! It is the perfect fraud for her to pull off as an abortion counselor, and will help her in the counseling process. She knows everyone at the clinic and they had meetings about creating the video together. All of them want women to know how “SAFE” abortion is after all, and all of them have the delusion that they are helping women -saving their lives from evil children who ruin your life-, so all would benefit from a video in which someone had an abortion and proved once and for all it’s safety (even it was only at 2-3 weeks gestation as she says)! So, all of the staff would be for it! Not to mention the attention it would bring to abortion, counseling, safety, and stages of grief/healing. There is the motive! What claims substantiate my belief it was a total -or part- lie? I’ll list them to make them clear as possible:

1. In the Cosmo article she says she swore off hormone birth control because “complications I’d heard about from friends.” Interesting that you know she teaches about birth control but she get’s her “facts” from her friends. I guess that’s a clue into my second point (she’s still a fraud even if this whole thing is true). Anyway, so she’s not on birth control which is totally weird for someone who knows a lot about sex ed and works in an abortion clinic (calls herself a “sex educator”) . She also knows she “DOES NOT” want kids herself – right now-. The thing is this, if you “really” don’t want to get pregnant you take precautions. You aren’t nonchalant about it, unless 1. You planned the whole video from the beginning and got pregnant intentionally or 2. You weren’t ever really pregnant and you had to throw this out there to cover an angle people might bring up as to how you got pregnant in the first place.

2. She says she swore off birth control because of “complications” with hormone birth control like “gaining weight, depression, etc.” This leads us to think she’s health conscience, but then she has multiple sexual partners in which none were “long term.” So she’s afraid of things like gaining weight, but not STD’s? This doesn’t add up to me. Again, tells me she wasn’t on hormone BC because she either tried to get pregnant (to prove a point), or she never was. Does she use condoms? I mean she said, “full disclosure” but I only heard about timing cycles/fertility. She knew her cycles and this is another tip off that everything was planned.

3. She just randomly takes a pregnancy tests, “on a whim,” like she always does because she always thinks she’s pregnant (is that an oxymoron she was trying to use there? Hmmm….). How about you took a pregnancy test because you track your cycles, you knew when you had sex, and you knew the chances of being pregnant were high? We ARE talking about someone who tracks her cycles for birth control aren’t we? Yes. So again, she’s covering something up by throwing out this random fact.

4. Her call to the supervisor is uh, weird. She says, ““Excuse me, I am going to need to schedule one abortion, please.” As if the supervisor was already expecting this call right? This girl doesn’t need counseling like the other chicks do, she’s ready to roll. This means it was already determined, already made up in her mind. Most girls can’t do this immediately. Standing in the bathroom they don’t say to themselves, “oh two pink lines let me call the abortion clinic.” This tells me it was “premeditated” or completely made up. Not to mention you still can’t relate to most women who walk in the clinic because what you just described here isn’t real life. Most need pre abortion counseling. Thus the reason you have a job! How do I know everything happened so quickly? She mentioned she was only 2-3 weeks pregnant. There are about 4 weeks in a cycle, two of which you aren’t “pregnant” so she was probably calculating out that two weeks. Most woman at a missed period would say they were 4 weeks but this just makes everything easy to calculate the “due date.” In other words this girl knew EARLY, almost premeditated right? Not to mention she said she “could” have taken the pill. This can only happen within the first 9 weeks.

5. The doctors let it be filmed, this is somewhat incriminating although I guess less so since no faces were seen. Still one could prove who the doctor and nurses were and if something had gone wrong it was on video. So did they allow it because they knew nothing could possibly have gone wrong? This isn’t the case in a true abortion although I will concede that the risks are lower early term.

6. The man, yes an necessary component of a surprise pregnancy (i.e. not just a sperm donor but active sexual participant), has no clue that any of this happened. Who is this mystery guy? Was there one? Or did she have a one night stand while fertile (as we know she times her cycles). It would be more plausible if she was in some sort of relationship in which one man could be identified, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

7. She was in “awe” of creating life. This makes sense if she did it on purpose! Now she knows she “can!”

8. She ended the article with her thoughts on birth control now. Basically, “silly silly me, I don’t care about gaining weight and depression now, I’m going with the IUD.” Live and learn, hehe, haha. This will bring me into my next point that this girl is a fraud of a counselor whether she lied about this video or not.

So that is some evidence for my thought process that it was a fraud in the sense that it was a lie all together, whether a half lie because the video was a plan from the beginning (not a surprise pregnancy), or a full lie in that she wasn’t pregnant at all. We did not actually see anything on the monitor during the abortion procedure, we saw no sonogram, and we saw no ultrasound with her in it proving she was actually pregnant. We just saw what an abortion procedure might look like and after all the girl did say she was an actress!

The second statement I wanted to make I alluded to already. This girl is a fraud of a counselor. She presents an argument that women feel guilty because “pro lifers” FORCE them to feel guilty, and that they wouldn’t feel guilty on their own accord. From the many stories I read this is just not true: http://www.amazon.com/Giving-Sorrow-Words-Stories-Abortion/dp/1875989676/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1399525259&sr=1-3&keywords=giving+sorrow+words , http://psychcentral.com/lib/understanding-abortion-grief-and-the-recovery-process/0005945/2 , http://www.lifenews.com/2011/05/04/rocker-steven-tyler-of-aerosmith-haunted-by-girlfriends-abortion/ , and the list goes on and on. For this ONE story in which a girl supposedly has close to zero remorse, guilt, or sad feeling for abortion there are hundreds of women who hate themselves, commit suicide, or have EXTREME guilt and feel trapped. Emily even addresses this in her Cosmo feature (she’s seen many tears). So how will you counsel from this point Emily? Will you look these women in the face and tell them they created a life and they should be in awe of that, but the best thing to do for them is to snuff that life out? Tell them the world makes them feel guilty but this isn’t reality it’s “learned behavior?” I guess I’m just at a loss at how you can now counsel women “better?” Most women see this procedure as something serious (thus the need for a counselor) in yet you treat it like ordering a burger at a take out, “I’d like an abortion please,” and brush it off like nothing happened. I would take counseling more seriously from someone who could relate in the stages of grief, like this counselor on PsychCentral: http://psychcentral.com/lib/understanding-abortion-grief-and-the-recovery-process/0005945/2 . It almost leads me to believe your more psychotic than stable. A serial killer isn’t remorseful either and actually takes pleasure in the act of killing. From the looks of the video, if it was real, you did too.

There are more reasons why your a fraud of a counselor and a deceiver of women. You taught about the safety in birth control when you wouldn’t use it yourself, until now which is quite confusing because the abortion process is so safe and harmless. I’m not sure why you would endanger your life daily with hormones being released into your blood, the potential to gain excess weight, blood clots, infection, perforation of the uterus, ovarian cysts, and loads of other “fun” side affects: http://www.webmd.com/sex/birth-control/intrauterine-device-iud-for-birth-control, when you could have a simple 3-5 minute procedure done while smiling and joking with the doctors? When you have no long term partners and time your cycles right there shouldn’t be too many pregnancies happening. Add in a condom and you really should be safe! Let’s talk about that, condoms. You say you have no “long term relationships” which leads me to think you have short term flings. This is why I call you a deceiver. The deception is that casual sex is “A-ok” but the reason we have abortion clinics, for the most part, is casual sex. Someone well versed in sex education should also know that casual sex should be accompanied by condom usage. Otherwise risk of STD’s and STI’s goes up. So you counsel, presumably, about birth control and safe sex but you don’t practice it? This puts you in the fraud of a counselor category. But you lived and learned and now you got an IUD, this puts you one step away from the fraud label, but still not out of the category since you probably still aren’t warning women about the potential dangers of hormonal birth control. After all, how true could it possibly be because everything you know comes from word of mouth via your friends. What type of counselor teaches about things she hasn’t learned through study, but “from friends?” What type of counselor takes her job so nonchalantly? To me a fraudulent one, but what more would I expect from an abortion clinic. A clinic that sucks women in with a lie that she will be happier without a baby to hold. A clinic that makes light out of murder, covers up guilt, and calls a surgery “completely safe.” Whether this story is a half lie, whole lie, or truth, you are still a fraud in my eyes, because you lie to women! Motherhood is a beautiful gift of life and you squander it away. I don’t hate you, I pity you because you have no idea the happiness that could have been.


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