Voting, Morality, and Freedom!

I’m sitting on a comfortable sofa watching my kids have a dance party. I just finished a coffee made from my home espresso machine, and I type my opinions to a blog from an Apple computer. Every day I take advantage of things people all around the world could only dream of having. A roof over my head and physical protection, but also emotional expression and freedom of speech and religion! I’m very spoiled. There are no words to describe how blessed I feel to have been born in America. But with great blessing comes fear that one day that blessing will no longer be there. It’s worse to have something and then it be taken away than to not have it at all. I also fear that my kids won’t know the same luxuries I have to speak openly and to vote freely. I hear all the time, “I just don’t know if I even want to bring more kids into this world.” Although I get the sentiment, because this world is so corrupt, this isn’t the way God intended for us to think. He intends for us to continue having children trusting in His ultimate plan. He plans for us to continue having children and raising them up to be Godly individuals, walking in His way. These kids shouldn’t be corrupted by this world, they should change this world. The majority wins if they vote, keep that in mind! There is also strength in numbers and YOU Christian aren’t changing the world by caving into it, or having fear of it. “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”-Matthew 10:28. We are to fear God and not man! We are to remember that no matter what comes to our physical bodies that our souls will live forever in Heaven with our creator, and we wouldn’t fear physical death as much if we didn’t love our lives so deeply. We Americans are spoiled. All around us people are dying for their faith and we think it’s something far from us! We are also naive. Naive to think that it can’t happen to us.

In recent years Christians have taken more and more steps away from fighting for truth. We don’t even stand up for ourselves much anymore. Neither do we stand up for what is right. We allow divorce to run rampant in our churches, men and women to leave their spouses and find a new church to bring their new lover to, and so much more. There is no stigma attached to divorce, so we don’t vote to uphold laws that enforce marriage. We feel it is none of our business to vote “morality” into law, meanwhile the fabric of society is tearing underneath of us. The family is in shambles because the law no longer upholds the family and subsequently neither does the church. Or it could be vice versa, the church no longer upholds the family and subsequently neither does the law. This is probably more like the true scenario, because Christians don’t vote to uphold these values. God forbid we vote in morality. Some people aren’t Christian you know and who are WE to tell them they need to stay married. Let me just say that family isn’t only good for Christians, it is good for our country. Primary bread winner divorces child caregiver with five children and you can guess who now has to step in to be the primary bread winner. Yes, the government. People all over this country want to raise the minimum wage because they can’t pay their bills on one income. Imagine trying to pay bills on one income with five children. We American’s don’t truly grasp the reality of this because if we mess up the government is quick to step in. Nobody asks the question, “what if our government runs out of money?” We don’t even care about the debt. We all just take and do what we please, irregardless of consequence. Then we say stupid things like, “we need birth control to solve our poverty problems!” I guess it couldn’t be that we have a poverty problem because people aren’t having children within the confines of marriage to help support the kids that are being born right? Or that people aren’t staying married and don’t have enough income as a single parent household to support their children, right? No instead the answer is more birth control. Yes, this is so very smart. This way we don’t have a working generation to support the elderly when the elderly population outnumbers the able bodied young workers. Young people are so arrogant and prideful, I guess they’ll figure this one out when America is old and can no longer pay off their debt. Yes young people you too will get old, don’t be arrogant enough to think you can somehow defy the aging process.

The real answer to our poverty problem is an old concept. The answer is getting married, having children, and staying married! The problem is sex outside of marriage and divorce. Men and women don’t think twice before leaving their families these days. They “aren’t getting along,” so they do the dishonorable thing and let government be the primary bread winner for their household. Let me be the one to tell you your a coward if you leave your family. You are taking the easy way out! 1 Timothy 5:8 puts it this way, “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” Notice the text says, “worse than an unbeliever.” Even unbelievers know it’s morally wrong to leave and not support their family. You see everyone has a sense of morality. From early childhood we know the difference between right and wrong. To deny this is to deny science as even evolutionists try to answer the question “how did morality evolve?” This sense of morality is engrained in us, the Bible simply reinforces this truth. So for people to act like we can not vote in morality is preposterous. There must be a standard for morality in order to keep the peace. How strict that standard is dependent on the majority vote in America. The actual definition for morality is: “principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.” Laws are made when societies say something is wrong. Most societies agree that murder is wrong, and enforcing this law is enforcing morality. On the other hand if a society agreed murder is right, and enforce this law, they are enforcing morality. So again I say asking someone to keep morality out of politics is preposterous. You could, however, believe that it is not right for a Christian to vote for Christian ethics. That is your prerogative, but I would argue that all people vote according to their own ethics code and there is nothing wrong with that in America. That is what makes America unique and special! In America the majority wins! This is why we as Christians need to exercise our freedom and vote. Don’t be bullied into thinking you shouldn’t vote. You see, if Christians stay married, continue to have children, and raise their children with Christian values we’ll quickly outnumber the progressives who aren’t marrying, aren’t having children, and are voting in to law non- Christian values. This is why they have to bully us into believing we shouldn’t vote, and Christians are not only wussy enough to be bullied into not voting, but they are buying into the same liberal crap. We are supposed to be separate from the world, not the same.

Don’t let people bully you into thinking you can’t vote your ethics into law. It’s not like Christians are rallying to create a singular and universal religion for all people. This of course would be wrong according to our constitution, but standing up for an ethics code is the same as what everyone else is doing. Your ethics code may be more stringent, but it’s the same concept. Like the Hobby Lobby debate– a Christian company is standing up for what they believe. Saying they won’t pay for abortifacient is THEIR right. What you spend your money on, or don’t spend your money on, is YOUR right. The liberals should be thrilled that the Supreme Court stood up for company rights and freedoms, but instead they would rather rage war on the “church,” and make ignorant claims like, “Hobby Lobby isn’t the church, it’s a craft store.” Yes, it’s a craft store IN AMERICA where you can run your own business according to your own ethics code, OR RELIGION! If you don’t like working for a Christian company go work somewhere else. That is your right. Your right as an employee isn’t to demand things from the employer that you feel are necessary. If something is necessary for you then go out and get it yourself. Don’t expect someone to give it to you! Our Declaration of Independence says Americans have the right to “Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.” Pursuit doesn’t mean someone brings happiness to you, it means you go out and forge the way for your own happiness.

In America we also have this thing called the constitution that protects religious rights! The first amendment says something like this, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” I guess pseudo Americans are o.k. with rights being taken away if Christians are being punished. Not realizing, however, that law becomes case law and the same measuring stick can be applied to them. It seems “we the people” are more than willing to trash the constitution these days. The principles that America was founded upon aren’t good enough anymore. Without freedom of religion, or freedom of speech, we have no America. Vote for freedom and don’t let religious or social bias dictate the reason! If a Muslim wins the right to practice his religion I shouldn’t be upset because he’s a Muslim. I should be happy that freedom was upheld and that I too can practice freedom of religion. It’s that simple. I don’t know why we have to convolute it because of our personal feelings or social bias. I guess we are that selfish. In the Hobby Lobby instance the Supreme Court left feelings and social bias out and voted for Constitutionality. I am proud of their ruling, and to be an American!

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