Is it Arrogance, Pride, or Something Else?

This isn’t a blog post so much as a thought, but I wanted to get it out there anyway. Why is it that the current living populous feels we have evolved further/more than the people groups before us? Do they not realize that most people wouldn’t even be able to tell you how a lightbulb works, much less be able to wire a house for electricity? Most couldn’t build a refrigerator, an oven to cook food, or tell you how a car works. People are very arrogant to think that we are “smarter” than the previous generation because we are more “civilized.” So what you can flip a light switch and the light turns on, turn a key and the car turns on, etc., etc.. Take all that away and we are back to the dark ages! We are actually worse off because most of us, me included, don’t even know how to hunt, skin an animal, make a fire, and cook it. So we act like we are smarter or more advanced than the caveman, in yet all that we have is due to previous generations and advancements before us. We think cavemen were stupid and barely had two brain cells to rub together, but time and time again we find artifacts which show they crafted tools and survived. Each generation has built upon then current knowledge and made something better. It isn’t that we evolved bigger brains, it’s that we kept learning. Just as we continue to do now. So next time you want to think of yourself as smarter than the caveman, why don’t you think of yourself without all of the inventions that YOU did not help with but take advantage of daily. Stop being so arrogant and saying stupid things like, “this is 2014, we’re more advanced than that.” One strike on our electrical grid or the Internet and we’re all fighting for food instead of driving to the grocery store to get it.One natural disaster and you could be living in a cave or in a shack….yes, in 2014! It’s funny how quickly we can become primitive with primitive ideas. Archaic ideas like having children to help when we are too old to help ourselves. Or that men and women are needed to reproduce in order to have children. Yes children are more mouths to feed, but then they become helping hands to help bring food in. They become caregivers, and in our modern system they pay into health care and social security for the retired. So unless you would like to work until your dead at 80-100 you probably shouldn’t be scowling at people having children, touting that we are beyond the need to “reproduce” as you callously phrase child rearing, and speaking of overpopulation. If we are overpopulated it’s more beneficial to kill off the elderly than prevent children from being born. So possibly at 65-70 ish you can look forward to euthanization instead of retirement. This should definitely control the population! The people so worried about it can be the first to sacrifice themselves for the “cause.” It’s probably better to be euthanized after all than to starve to death because you can’t work in a field (yes, this is where our crops come from that we buy at the grocery store and someone able bodied –young– has to farm them). You know when you think about it our “young” civilized 20 and 30 somethings who pop birth control pills in their child birthing years are just plain stupid. Good luck having any children in your 40s when it’s time to “be an adult.” No worries though, my kids who I sacrificed to raise, will work to pay off your debt. You can remain selfish, arrogant, and “civilized” while saving mother earth from pesky, oxygen breathing, carbon dioxide emitting, meat eating children. You, the “higher being” than those before us mentally and socially, in whom should be the end of humanity.You are so brilliant evolved one.

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